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First of all, welcome to HCS MedSpa, your best choice for laser-based cosmetic treatments in Minnesota. Founder and Medical Director, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Roger Hogue, has implemented a series of laser-based procedures that are safe, effective, and treat the skin concerns that matter most to our patients. What types of skin concerns? Well, facial skin concerns like skin appearance, complexion, skin laxity, wrinkling, creepiness, blemishes, unwanted red and blue vessels, as well as skin concerns involving the feet and toenails such as athlete’s foot and toenail fungus.

Dr. Roger Hogue, a Stanford medical school graduate, is a physician inventor and board certified cosmetic laser surgeon. Furthermore, Dr. Hogue’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit has resulted in the granting of multiple medical device patents, trademarks, and the creation of Hogue Surgical, LLC, a Minnesota medical device company. Not surprisingly, Dr. Hogue’s mastery of technology, creativity, and true artistry has made HCS MedSpa one of the most innovative clinics in Minnesota.

Additionally, our experienced clinicians are committed to achieving the best treatment results possible for our patients. Furthermore, we are a medical clinic providing cosmetic treatments in a medical spa setting, with strict attention paid to safety, professionalism, customer service, patient confidentiality, cleanliness, and treatment effectiveness. Additionally, at HCS MedSpa, we provide a hidden value to our patients with our “No Tipping Policy”.

In conclusion, treatments provided at HCS MedSpa include Facials, Chemical Peels, BBL Photofacials, Acne Treatments, Laser Skin Tightening, Laser Cellulite Reduction, Radiofrequency Skin Tightening, Permanent Cosmetic Makeup, Laser Hair Reduction, Laser Vein Treatment, Medical Pedicures, and Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment.

Finally, HCS MedSpa is a medical spa and subsidiary of Hogue Cosmetic Surgery. Like its parent company, HCS MedSpa is committed to offering the communities we serve with the best customer service and the best choice for cosmetic treatments. Furthermore, HCS MedSpa has convenient clinic locations in Maple Grove, Medina, Shorewood, Eden Prairie, Burnsville, Woodbury, Mankato, and Moorhead/Fargo.

  • Alex Holzer, CMP, LPN
  • Amelia Iverson, LE, CMA
  • Bobbie Fournier, LPN
  • Brandi Rostad, RN, BSN, RVT
  • Cynthia Trout, LE, LSO
  • Deb Blanchard, LSO
  • Lori Hogue, RN, CLS, LSO
  • Roger Hogue, MD (Med. Director)
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